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Awareness Campaigns

We aim to promote and increase widespread Autism Spectrum Disorder Awareness among the public, parents, educational systems, medical professions and the government.

Stigma is one of the huge problem facing individuals in the Autism Spectrum Disorder in Tanzania. We help communities appreciate the potential of individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder.


Family Support

We thrive to organize and sponsor assessments, therapies and education as the foundation funds shall allow, with a view for early intervention, elimination and reduce symptom/indicators of ASD and improve quality of life of Children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder.           

1. May provide financial support by sponsoring therapies, education including vocational school costs of children and other individuals on ASD, as the Foundation’s funds shall allow.

2. May provide services, equipment and educational material to special needs schools offering education to Children on ASD.

3. Provides (establish) support systems for parents and guardians.

4. May provide resources for home therapy in the future.

5. Provides linkages between families and service providers for behavioral treatment and early interventions.

6. May Sponsor and mentor individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and other mental and neurological issues.



1. To provide a forum for dialogue and a voice for children and individual with Autism and other related mental/neurological medical conditions.

2. To promote the right of ASD children to play, by calling for establishing a safe non-judgemental and inclusive play grounds, parks and socializing venues.

3. To advocate for good specialized and affordable education institutions for people on the ASD.

4. To engage with the policy makers in the government to increase services availability for individuals on the ASD.

5. To protect children and individuals on the ASD from harmful traditions, these are such as beliefs in witchcraft and the stigma around mental and neurological disabilities. Some family members and parents believed Autism can be cured by mere prayers or that their children’s condition is due to some witchcraft. This might be due to the fact that Symptoms of Autism typically appears during the first three years of life. Some children show signs from birth; others seem to develop normally at first, only to slip suddenly into symptoms when they are 18 to 36 months old.

6. Lobby the government for the establishment or implementation of policies and regulations that gives equal access to education special needs and inclusive), health and employment.

7. Equal rights to play/socializing.

8. Collaborate in domesticating international instruments on individuals with disabilities.

9. Promote research collaboration.

10. Provide and promote affordable and accessible intervention services.


Professional Training

1. To contribute to improved knowledge of the problems facing Tanzanian Children on the ASD as well as policy options.

2. Support and work closely with already establish institutions that care for and provide services to children with Autism.

3. Provide navigation pathway to diagnosis.

4. Facilitate training/seminars on interventions for ASD to practitioners.

5. Developing contextually relevant, sensitive and appropriate materials for ASD.


Youth Empowerment

LuAF aims to empower youth on the Autism Spectrum Disorder by facilitating skill acquisition in order to be productive member of society and contribute to the country economy to the best of their abilities.

1. Raised awareness

2. Improved capacity building for parents

3. Improved diagnosis by improving human resources capacity through various training programs

4. More research to find out actual prevalence and any different environmental or genetic constitution associated with Autism cases in Tanzania.

5. Increase special educational and inclusive schools and vocational schools that are affordable and up to standards.


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