About Us

About Us

Lukiza Autism Foundation (LuAF)

LuAF is a civil society, non-profit organisation that envisages a Tanzania where individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) live in dignity and are accorded social justice. The rationale for establishing LuAF is ascribed to a number of factors. Firstly the activities and programmes that have been available until now are far from adequate given the scale and complexity of the problems facing individuals with Autism in Tanzania. The work of civil society does not sufficiently address the multi-faceted problems confronting this particular group of Tanzanian Individuals. LuAF needed to exist to fill a gap that many children and young people have been falling through unnoticed.


Our Mission

LuAF works to improve the quality of life of individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and their families through education, advocacy and support. This may include other individuals with mental and neurological issues related to Autism.

Our Vision

LuAF envisages a Tanzania landscape where there is equal society for children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and other individuals with mental and neurological issues related to ASD and where barriers are removed and equal access to rights and opportunities are protected and enforced. 

Our Values

The Foundation recognizes the following as its irreducible core values:





Dedication to Service


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Our Ambassadors

We are proud to work with influential people who believe in our cause.

Miss. Rose Manfere

Miss Tanzania 2020/2021

Dr. Isaac Maro

Medical Director - TMH

Josephine Favre-Mhina

Founder & CEO - AAVF
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Your donation will help us save to improve the lives of children and youth with autism and their families.